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Client Samples

Below, you’ll find some of our work. Like what you see? Contact us for a free consultation about us helping you with your next book writing/publishing project.

Adventures Of Twinkle The Mouse: Twinkle To The Rescue

by Beverly Sass (Author), Vanetta Hale (Illustrator)

“There really was a Twinkle the mouse when I was a little girl. A friend gave him to me and I carried my new pet home in a shoe box. To my pleasant surprise, my mother said I could keep him. I named him Twinkle. I didn’t have any food for him on his first night, so Twinkle dined on soggy cornflakes. He loved to run in and out of my fingers and sit and rest on my shoulder. The stories that I created over the years were inspired by my little friend, Twinkle.” — Beverly Sass, Author

Pushing The Indians Out

by Charles R. Haller

Pushing The Indians Out by migrating immigrants covers the major facets of occupying land legally and illegally at the expense of a wide variety of Native Americans. For several decades, Charles Haller has been a researcher, writer, and editor. He has written several technical and non-fiction books, all listed in WorldCat, and he has contributed numerous articles to a variety of genealogical journals. In 1993, the author wrote the popular and still in print Across The Atlantic And Beyond. Charles Haller now resides in Charlotte, North Carolina, after a 17-year stay in Asheville, deep in the Appalachians.


by Frank Dewey Staley 

This is a work of fiction. All characters are entirely fictional with one exception. Bernard Park is an artist currently living in northern Michigan. Any resemblance to any other person or place in this work is not intended. Locations are based loosely on the Island of Ocracoke.

Making A Commitment For Love: How The 11 Pillars Of Love Build Strong, Loving Relationships

by Noushin Talei Nikfarjam, Ph.D.

Discover the power of making a lasting commitment to the ones you love and for all the right reasons. Before you can commit yourself to anyone, you must first master self-love, self-care, self-confidence and self-esteem, otherwise you have nothing to give because you are giving out of need to fulfill the emptiness you feel inside of you. Shakespeare said, “To thine own self be true.” Noushin guides her readers through the pillars of truth, love and acceptance and gives timeless insight into how to become the wonderfully imperfect person you were meant to be by unlocking the love that is your true nature.

Jersey City: A Time To Remember: A Memoir

by Jim Santangelo 

In Jersey City – A Time To Remember, Jim Santangelo remembers the best and a few of the worst experiences he had starting out as a kid in a tough neighborhood on Boyd Avenue. In writing his book, Santangelo has created not only a legacy for his family and friends, but he shares his humor, sorrows, and details of deeply-rooted relationships that he’s nurtured throughout his lifetime. He has managed to capture detailed memories in a highly personal, nostalgic, and narrative format from the early forties to today and he articulates them with great heart. It becomes immediately apparent how much his family means to him as he consistently acknowledges their undeniable love and support of his successes and, in turn, he unabashedly, sets that example for his children. His collection of stories is both honest and rewarding. A native of New Jersey, Jim Santangelo is a 50-year Teamster veteran who served as the International Vice-President under Jimmy Hoffa, Jr., prior to retirement. e began driving trucks in his home state following an honorable discharge from the U.S. Navy in 1959. Among the many charities Teamsters support, he arranged for massive food donations to military families in need. His commitment to community led him to volunteer on the USS Iowa and join the El Monte Police Department as a reserve officer where he is a Lieutenant. Among his many accomplishments, Santangelo is proud to be a member of the Patriot Guard Riders whose main mission is to attend the funeral services of fallen American heroes and participate in the annual Run For The Wall in honor of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C.

To Be Continued: A Collection Of Poems 

by Lindsay Vogel 

Mamma once told me, “Life is like a big shiny puzzle. You never know what you’re gonna get until you put it together!” — Lindsay K. Vogel TO BE CONTINUED: A Collection of Poems, Writings & Journal Pages that are put together like a scattered a puzzle. Take a peek into the puzzle box of creativity and embrace Lindsay’s touching work … • I Like To Live By 3 Things Peace, Love & Truth • Reflection • Forever You Are Me • It Is … Just This • Inspiration • The Real True Me • The Noveliest • To Achieve Is To Believe • Energy Of Life Itself • Sh** Happens • Morning Poem! • I See You, Do You See Me? • Blood, Tears, Pain • Flow … and more!

WHAT’S ON YOUR MIND: How Venting Can Help You & Others Live Better, Happier Lives

by Noa Schecter 

IN TODAY’S WORLD, many of us are living the roller coaster life style inherent with built in stressors and complexities. Have you ever thought that if you could just talk to someone, get whatever is bothering you off your chest or holding you back, that you might actually get a different perspective on what is really bothering you and feel better? So then the challenge becomes, how do you find someone who is willing to really listen to you express your thoughts and feelings and someone who can relate to what you are going through? Experts agree, built-up angst and unresolved anxiety can literally become hazardous to your health and overall well-being. Pent up frustration is one of those silent killers according to several medical professionals. In What’s On Your Mind, Noa goes into some of the most talked about subjects people come to her for venting and how she responds with laser-focus advice and wisdom! Such as: Self Esteem • Confidence • Obstacles • Transition • Relationships • Visibility • Strategy • Leadership • Inspiration • Communication • Happiness• Appreciation• Celebration… and much more!

Who’s Hungry? 

by Bart Smith

Every Family in America and around the world, every single man/woman, every college student … anyone who likes DELICIOUS (HOME-COOKED) FOOD, anyone who wants to learn how to cook or learn a few new tricks in the kitchen or dishes to add to their current list of meals they currently make … THIS BOOK is a MUST-HAVE in your kitchen!

B.S. The Book

by Bart Smith

Here’s the book that will set you FREE of B.S. in your life like it does for me! B.S. THE BOOK is about LIFE and the PERSONAL B.S. we all encounter and how (yours truly) breaks through it all to a healthier, lethally confident, stress-free me, which can also be YOU TOO after reading or listening to this book!

Motivate Yourself To Succeed 

by Bart Smith

Get pumped, get motivated, and what’s more, maintain that momentum from start to finish with Bart’s latest book called, Motivate Yourself To Succeed. This book was written for every one who has ever struggled to achieve genuine success in their personal life or business. I share a proven action plan and personal spot on tips for every step of the way. The process identifies TEN KEY COMPONENTS that can lead you from your idea (Vision) to fruition (Victory) and beyond!

Find The One For Me 

by Bart Smith

The bible (as I call it) on relationships that covers the span of your love life from age 18 to 88. Learn more about yourself, about relationships, about the opposite sex, and what it really takes to successfully prepare, meet, get to know, secure and live with the ONE for you! Turn your single life around. Be SINGLE NO MORE! Order your copy today and live these principles to ensure you find love in this crazy world!

Laws Of The Bedroom

by Bart Smith

Written for men, for the benefit of the woman they’re in love with. “Mandatory reading for every male,” says every female! Seriously, guys, this is the book we need to live by when it comes to wanting to be the best we can to the woman we’re in love with in every which way. Just show her this book and watch her eyes light up. Took it under her pillow only to discover it, read what’s in side, and say to you, “I want you, NOW! Will you do this to me? Can we do this? I like his hotel getaway checklist. Let’s do that next weekend!” Sound good so far? There are 300 pages of amazing insight, advice, suggestions, how-to’s, what-to’s, where-to’s, for-how-long-to’s and so much more. Chapters for him, for her, on romance, safeguards, warnings and precautions, what to do before/during/after making love and much more.

251+ Dating & Relationship Regrets 

by Bart Smith

You’ll love this book for what it can do for you, which is, help you avoid 251+ dating, sex, marriage and relationship regrets others have had. Why reinvent the wheel? Why go through what others have experienced, especially if it turned out bad? Don’t you want to live your life with the one you’re with and avoid as much heartache, trouble, strife, regret, or unexpected/undesired consequences from the decisions you (or the two of you) make? I would! That’s why I wrote it!

Watch Out Ladies

by Bart Smith

If there was ever a book that helped address the problems going on today in the lives of women (and men) when it comes to dating, avoiding heartache, falling in love, finding someone to be with for the rest of your life, then look no further, WATCH OUT LADIES is the book. Inside this masterpiece are 15 things every woman should be concerned with and watch out for to protect her heart, her body, find love and avoid a lifetime of loneliness. Topics covered in this book include, sex (too much, too soon and without a ring), sex with too many men for too many years, feminism, career choice, marriage decisions, M.G.T.O.W., porn, sex bots, the wall (sexual/marriage market value) and so much more!

Hope On The Outside

by Bart Smith

This book aims to reduce the recidivism rates for millions of men and women when it comes to their being released only to wind up back in jail. While the book isn’t finished, it is almost 90% done. Just have to read through it again and few other things. What’s in it is amazing! I go into topics not covered by other books on the subject let alone provided to such individuals in rehabilitation programs. This book really stands to have a positive impact, not just on those it aims to help, but their friends and families too. Everyone close to them can help them succeed with the help of this book.

How To Prepare, Pitch & Become A TV Guest  

by Bart Smith

Calling All Experts, Authors, Storytellers & Professionals! Local, national and international TV shows need you to come on to their show as a TV guest to tell your story, help set the record straight, comment on what’s happening in the news and current events, entertain audiences, talk about your new book, and … so much more! The PROBLEM most potential TV guests have is they don’t know how to get on TV; they don’t get enough exposure to be seen by TV show personnel who are looking for TV guests; they don’t know what to do before/during/after being on a TV show as a TV guest; let alone how to maximize their time on TV shows; how to get more TV show coverage, and … so much more! The SOLUTION to these problems potential TV guests have are addressed inside How To Prepare, Pitch & Become A TV Guest in the form of 25+ most frequently asked questions! Questions TV guests don’t know to ask and forgot to ask! Open the book, start reading and in ONE DAY you’ll become so much more prepared to become a TV guest, how to put yourself out there so you’re seen as a potential TV guest, how to secure TV show guest spots, get asked back, passed on to other TV shows, and … so much more!

Rich Coach Broke Coach 

by Bart Smith

Have you been looking for one book on coaching that covers virtually everything you need to start and run your own coaching business? Then look no further! Rich Coach | Broke Coach is the book for you! For aspiring and current coaches, Rich Coach | Broke Coach was written with the intent on helping coaches where they need it most: in the areas of business, marketing, client interactions, sales, and making money. Rich Coach | Broke Coach is your blueprint for all that and much more. What you’ll find inside this rich manual is only the most concise, nugget-rich content you have probably ever read on running a profitable coaching business.

150+ Mistakes Coaches Make

by Bart Smith

As coaches, we can’t let too many mistakes happen or else we’ll be out of business before we could say, “Whoops, I won’t do that again.” Minimizing the amount of times we fail or make mistakes will help keep us on track with our own goals as coaches, keep clients and prospects flowing in, keep clients moving towards their own goals with our help, and above all, keep our coaching businesses operating at optimal capacity.

51+ Networking Mistakes

by Bart Smith

For those of us who love to network and those who may lean more towards the shy side or even nervous when you go to any networking event, it’s a “human factor” when we say we all don’t network as well as we could. From time to time, we’re bound to make a networking mistake and ask ourselves, “Did I say the right thing?”, “Whoops, that didn’t come out right …”, or “Oh, I forgot to bring/do/say this …” That’s our point, and that’s why we wrote this book. If you network with others offline, and who doesn’t, this book is a must-read before you go networking again!

3 Simple Networking Tactics 

by Bart Smith

This is a quick-read book on networking. Perfect for those who want the secret sauce when it comes to Networking with others and doing it right, effectively and with the aim of growing their network quickly! If you love networking as much as I do or you’re not even the outgoing type and find networking a little challenging, well, not to worry! SIMPLY read this little book cover to cover and put into practice every little strategy I share so your networking efforts yield the maximum of results overnight for you and everyone you come in contact with!

My Networking Tactics 

by Bart Smith

How would you like to benefit from the networking tactics of Bart Smith, TheMarketingMan.com and founder of MyTrainingCenter.com? Inside this quick masterpiece are all of Bart’s personal networking tactics that no other book on networking goes into. If you network with others offline, and who doesn’t, this book is a must-have!

Doing Great Business In Tough Times

by Bart Smith

When business isn’t going that great, what should you do? TURN TO THIS BOOK! Whether the economy is going through a recession or you just feel like you are, tough times provide all of us with unique opportunities to get closer to our customers, clients, employees, partners, vendors, suppliers and our original mission and purpose as to why we started our business in the first place. It is highly advisable that you review every single one of the specific PARTS discussed in this book to ensure you and your business can quickly INCREASE SALES, INCREASE BUSINESS and INCREASE MARKET SHARE even during these TOUGH TIMES! Despite tough times, there is always time to save and grow your business. DOING GREAT BUSINESS IN TOUGH TIMES was specifically written to help you do just that! Refer to it when you’re going through hard times and making money is difficult.

My Checklists Book

by Bart Smith

Have you ever wanted to know how to do something that could help you with your business, marketing, and/or making money online/offline, but you just didn’t know the steps to get started? Maybe you’ve got some or most of what you need, but you’re missing some key information to help you reach that finish line? All too often, it’s not mental blocks that hold us back, but basic procedures for WHAT TO DO and WHEN TO DO IT (i.e., THE STEPS) that really prevents us from moving forward. Before I start any project, I like to prepare a checklist. It gets me to where I want to go each and every time.

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