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  • WRITE YOUR BOOK → Do you need help with the writing process of your book? Could you benefit from a book idea / writing collaboration? Need help coming up with the title, table of contents and/or content for your book? Are you in need of a ghostwriter; someone to actually write the book for you?

  • EDIT YOUR BOOK → Is your book in manuscript form and ready to be edited? Do you need someone to proof it? Perhaps you need a light edit job or someone to go in and do major editing; check your writing, punctuation, sentence structure, and more.

  • SELF-PUBLISH YOUR BOOK IN PRINT AND/OR EBOOK → Once your book is edited, we can help you publish your book in print (paperback and/or hardback). We can also convert your print book into a Kindle eBook format for sale on Amazon as well. We'll design your book covers (front/spine/back), lay out the pages inside of the book and upload the generated PDF files to KDP.com / Amazon.com for you. CONGRATS! You're a published author!

  • NEED OTHER HELP OR ASSISTANCE?  We have a variety of book publishing service that might help you with your publishing goals!



    Where are you with your book publishing project?

    You've no doubt poured every last ounce of creativity and energy into writing your book, and now you're ready to publish it! Now it's time to hire the services of a professional book publisher to get your masterpiece out there and for sale! Here's how we can help:

  • Publishing Books In Print

  • Ghostwriting & Wordsmithing

  • Initial Proofreading & Light Proofing

  • Kindle eBooks

  • Front/Spine/Back Book Cover Designs

  • Custom Formatting For Interior Pages

  • ISBN’s, Barcodes and LCCN Numbers

  • Audio Book Format, Recording & Mixing

  • Custom-Designed Author Websites

  • Custom-Designed Speaker Websites

  • Publicity, Marketing Tips & Press Kits

  • Hand-Holding Every Step Of The Way

  • Copyright Filing

  • Multiple-Book Discounts

  • Is there anything specific you need help with? We're here to help:




    We design all of our clients' book covers and laid out their interior pages as well in-house.


    Would you like to experience the treatment these folks have had working with us?


    "They're Google Doc book template helped me write my Get Speaking Gigs Now book in a single weekend! Literally, I wrote a book in 2 days with Bart's help!"


    "They're cover designs and page layouts are unmatched. They helped me write 3 books. One of those books, I wrote in 3 days with they're Google doc book template."


    "I love the fact that I'm now a published author. They made the process fun, educational and inspirational. Without them, it would still just be a dream of mine."


    "They helped me publish 5 books in 5 months! I'm so happy with his book cover designs, too. Love love love working with them. Highly recommend them."


    "I was trying for 3 years to publish my first book, then I met Bart and Marie. I got publish within 30 days. I've published 3 more with their help. You guys rock! Thank you!"


    "Working with them was a lot of fun. Not only do they know how to publish a book really fast, they're also super creative and have tons of ideas to help publish your book!"


    "They helped me publish two books 'really fast!" Bart and Marie are the best. I won't work with anyone else. Seriously! They help me with all my books and eBooks."


    "Working with Bart is like working with a pro book expert on steroids! No, really! He's fast, he's sharp, he's creative and he helped me with my networking book."


    "I am so pleased with their book design work. I love the covers they did for me and how he laid out my books on the inside! Working with them is such a joy!"


    "Their cover design they did for me is impressing everyone! I used his t heir Google doc book template and my book was written and ready to publish really fast!"


    "I really enjoyed working with Bart. He's fast like a bullet train. He came up with a book idea for me out of nowhere and had it printed within 2 weeks. It's really great being an author. Thanks, Bart."


    "Bart helped me publish my first book. He's fast, and patient. I remember sitting at a coffee shop with him working on my changes. Thanks, Bart. I really couldn't have done it without you."


    "I've known and worked with Bart for almost 20 years. I hired Bart to help me publish my Worry Free Teeth & Gums book because I love how he lays out the insides of books. Great job!"


    "I was referred to Bart by Leisa Reid, who also self-published with Bart. Yes, it's true ... Bart is fast, efficient, and easy to work with. Bart had me at the printer within three weeks of meeting him."


    "It was a pleasure to work with them. They were patient with me as I had never written a book before. This was a memoire of my life and very personal to me. Thank so much."


    Bart Smith, author of 25+ books, and co-founder Hoffman Publishing, designs all of his own book covers and lays out the interior pages of his books as well as those for all of our book clients. Check out Bart's books below:

    Are you inspired to start writing your book or to hire us to help you with it?



    It's natural to have questions when you first write a book and want to get it published. Well, here are a number of questions you might have if you choose to work with us:

    1. Why should I use HoffmanPublishing.com to self-publish my book? Why and how are you different from other publishers?

    We're fast, efficient, we don't take your royalties, you reach us, we're flexible, ... did we say FAST? We also have written and published 25 of our own books. So, we know what we're doing and give your book(s)/eBook(s) the same time and attention as we do our own.

    2. How much does it cost to publish a book (for print) and/or eBook?

    The cost of publishing a book depends on how finished your manuscript is, in what condition is it in, does it need editing, do you only want an eBook or a paperback (or hardback) book in addition? Pricing can range anywhere between $300 and $3,000 depending on several circumstances. Pricing is best discussed after we have a conversation and know exactly where you are with your manuscript.

    3. How much does it cost to edit a book?

    Editing a book can range anywhere between $200 and $2,000 all depending on page count and the serious nature required to edit one's manuscript. Imagine if your book was written quite well and had very few errors to edit, vs. a manuscript that had good indentions, but was filled with poorly written words, punctuation errors, poor grammar, poor word flow, etc.

    4. How long does the process take once you start working with us to when my book will be published and for sale on Amazon.com?

    Depending on how long your manuscript is (page count wise) and the condition its in and if you want just an eBook version of your book or a real paperback (and/or hardback) version, the process can take 1-2 weeks. Show us your manuscript and we'll give you a turn-around time.

    5. Who owns the rights to my book and who receives the royalties once it gets published?

    YOU DO! We do not own the rights to your book and we never want to. We only collect fees for our work, while you keep 100% of the royalties earned from the sales of your eBook/paperback/hardback books. Royalty payments are made from Amazon straight to your bank account via direct deposit. We're not involved in any of that. In advance, enjoy your book sale profits!

    6. Can I publish other books with you?

    Absolutely! We have others who come back to us every few months or so with a new book idea. We discuss their goals, how far along they are with their manuscript and we repeat the process of working with them all over again. Once you write your first book, it's contagious! You want to write another one and another one! 

    7. I need a website to promote my books, can you help me with that?

    Once your book is done, we can absolutely build you what we can an "Author Website" to help promote you and your book. Pearlisms.com is a simple "Author Website" we built for one of our book clients. If you want to see an extensive "Author Website, then check out BartSmith.com .

    8. I’d like to get interviewed about my book(s), can you help me with that?

    What we like to do is set you up with an " Interview Me " page on your website. This provides potential show hosts with your bio, sample questions to ask you, images of you and your book and other information they need to help book you. Once you have that information, securing interviews is next to easy. Just reach out to shows, ask them to interview you, show them your "Interview Me" web page and set the interview date. Once you do one interview, the next one and the next one come a lot easier.

    9. I’d like to record my book into an audio book, can you help me with that?

    Recording your book can be exciting yet also a heavily involved process to complete. Have you recorded audio before? If you have, GREAT! If not, not to worry. We can advise which audio recording software and equipment to use and show you how to record your book into audio format like a studio pro. Our video tutorials on this subject are second to none. Bart Smith, one of our authors and co-founder of HoffmanPublishing.com, has recorded 17 of his own books and 1,000's of hours worth of audio. He'll be the one consulting with you or perhaps recording your book for you.

    10. I have other questions, can I contact you?

    You can contact us by using our online contact form below. We'll promptly reply and set up a time to talk via Zoom, cell phone or eMail. We welcome all questions.

    What other questions do you have? Reach out to us and let us know.



    Get to know us and start working with us when you're ready!


    Marie has a wealth of experience working with new writers. Career highlights include editing/publishing fiction, history, technology, and children's books. She wrote/published executive communications for Fortune 500 companies, edited PhD level dissertations and theses formatted in APA style, and is a ghostwriter for business experts and life coaches. She earned a B.A. in Business and Economics and a M.A. in Teaching/Counseling Education. 


    BART is a self-motivated author and entrepreneur who believes that people can do anything they set their minds to, which is why Hoffman Publishing has partnered with him to complement the services they can offer their clients. 

    Author of 25+ books , a self-taught master at website design, graphic design, audio and video recording/editing, marketing and publicity, speaking/presentations and business coaching, Bart is the perfect go-to person to consult with your next book idea!

    Visit BartSmith.com to check out Bart's audiobooks, book excerpts, video tutorials, cooking lessons, special reports, business checklists, training articles, interview pages, blog/vlog, recommended products and services, and so much more!

    Now that you know who we are, we'd like to meet you! 



    Thank you for visiting HoffmanPublishing.com. Please contact us online regarding your book writing project or other publishing related inquiry. We'll promptly respond and set up a time to talk via Zoom or telephone if you like. 


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